Butler Engineering (ME)

Butler Engineering, an IAS Accredited Special Inspection Agency

Butler Engineering, an IAS Accredited Special Inspection Agency

Worldwide demand for reliable services makes accreditation a necessity. Accreditation is essential if you are involved in any profession that has a direct impact on life safety, property protection and continuity of operation.  Therefore, accreditation from a globally respected agency like IAS means immediate acceptance. 

Team BE with IAS Lead Assessor Lawrence J. O’Connor, PE, LS, F. NSPE, January 2020

We are privileged to be the first IAS accredited Special Inspection Agency not only in the UAE but in the Middle East. Our global recognition as an IAS AC291 accredited Special Inspection Agency as mandated by UAE Fire & Life Safety Code of Practice and the International Building Code (IBC) provides our clients a leading edge to address technical aspects during project construction through completion and further reinforces our commitment to the life safety cause.

To maintain the accreditation, an IAS accredited agency requires to be assessed annually to ensure continuous compliance and extent of implementation status of the documented management system to the requirements of AC291.

BE undergoing their annual reassessment virtually, December 2020

Despite the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, we upheld the obligation of our annual assessment. We are glad that our assessment was undertaken before Christmas in 2020, inspiring us to start the New Year 2021 on a high note. We thank the IAS team and lead assessor Lawrence J. O’Connor, PE, LS, F. NSPE for taking out time and helping us in this mission.