Butler Engineering (ME)

Butler Engineering, an Abu Dhabi Civil Defense licensed House of Expertise

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It is our pleasure to announce the renewal of our House of Expertise (HoE) license by the UAE Ministry of Interior – Gen. Command of Abu Dhabi Civil Defense. It is available to view on our Credentials page.
We extend our gratitude to Abu Dhabi Civil Defense for their continued support of our endeavors.

Iconic Abu Dhabi—Grounds for BE to excel

The House of Expertise (HoE) license is a highly exclusive award, signifying complete Civil Defense approval for the design, inspection, and testing of fire protection and safety systems. This also means that Butler Engineering is obliged to supervise, control, and recommend mitigating Fire & Life Safety provisions in all industrial, commercial, and residential establishments in conjunction with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) as per UAE codes & standards issued by Civil Defense, and applicable international codes & standards. Notably, only a Civil Defense-approved HoE is authorized to conduct these activities. Such an entity is the eyes and ears of Civil Defense in all matters pertaining to Fire and Life Safety in buildings, making it second to none other than Civil Defense itself.